Thank you

On behalf of Carley, Dan and Daniel:

We'd like to thank all of our visitors for following us, praying for us and donating to their daily expenses.  Carley, Dan and Daniel are overwhelmed by all of the love and prayers!

Thank you!!!
Carley's Siblings
David & Jeannie, Gail & John, Justin & Donna, and Hayley& Josh


  1. We saw your facebook post and are sending a birthday gift - there are a bunch of us in Arlington, VA thinking of and praying for you!

  2. Card on its way from Vancouver, WA. Charles Martinet, the voice actor for Mario and many of the other characters from the show/game knows what a big fan Danny is and he would like to call Danny on his birthday. I passed the email address here along to him and I hope he can arrange to make this happen. Love to your whole family. Heide Presson

  3. Happy Birthday and God Bless You ( from Ghana West Africa). We want you to know that we in Ghana are also praying with you.

  4. How amazing the love from around the world...... Danny you are truly blessed!! Xoxo

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  6. Dear sweet Danny-
    I sent you a Birthday card with a little money to buy yourself something. Keep being that little ninja and keep on fighting. What a BIG, BRAVE little boy you are! Sending a lot of LOVE and PRAYERS to you and your family.

    Jamie Hansen. - Tempe AZ