Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank you to the Jeff Parker Foundation

Danny had a wonderful weekend and finished his last full week of radiation. Only two more to go after today. Today is a Chemo day, and I'm home with a sick little one. Carley, Danny and my mom are at the hospital and are prepared for the long day ahead.

This past weekend was a blast! Danny, Matthew, and Carley came over to my house for a visit. I live on the beach, and it was a beautiful day to run and play. I called Carley in the morning and said come on over, who knows when it will 60 degrees again. The kids had a blast building sandcastles, playing chase, finding rocks and sea glass. Danny loved the waves and even tried to get wet a few times. As the tide changed, we decided to head in and have lunch. The kids played some more in the house, had lunch and then it was time for the them to go. Carley took the boys to Plymouth for a date. They went to the playground and out for cupcakes at Cupcake Charlies. One of our favorite places for treats.

On Sunday, the Jeff Parker Foundation treated my family to a day at Gillette Stadium. We had a private tour of the stadium followed by free rein of the field. The kids played a game of football, practiced the Gronk spike, touched the goal posts, and even kick a field goal....Justin (our older brother) was the only one to get it through the posts. After the stadium tour, Woody and Lynn Beal, (board members of the Jeff Parker Foundation) treated my family to lunch at CBS Scene. Once we finished lunch, we went for a tour of the Hall of Fame. The kids loved every second. They dressed up in uniforms, listened in on a huddle, and pretended to ride in the duck tour parade. THANK YOU to the Jeff Parker Foundation, the board members, and the Kraft group for your generosity and time! The memories made yesterday will last forever!

I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. We are looking forward to our big family gathering tomorrow night followed by Christmas day at my parents house.

Here are some pictures from Gillette Stadium:

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