Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doing great! - Quick update

I am way behind on blogging about Danny!  The holidays were busy with family events, outings and the big snow storm.  We are all so happy to be back in a routine! 

Danny had an amazing Christmas with all of his cousins. Santa was good to him this year!  He finished Radiation on Dec. 26th.  After Radiation, he met most of his cousins in Boston for lunch followed by a special surprise....Disney On Ice.  He loved it!  The best part of being there was seeing him have fun with his cousins.  The younger group of kids sat in front of me (Danny, Matthew, Mae and Abby).  They are such characters.  Every time a vendor would walk by, all four hands would go in the air in hopes the vendor would bring over whatever it might be.  Matthew even yelled out a couple times telling them to come over to us.  They enjoyed snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy.

Danny is doing great.  He had a clinic and chemo appointment this past Monday and the doctors commented on how wonderful he looks. He is running, jumping, smiling and doing all the things a 5 year old should be doing.

I have tons of pictures to post from the holidays and will get that done by the end of this week.  I need my camera ready for next week because.....Danny is going on his Make a Wish trip to DISNEY WORLD:)  He leaves on Saturday for a week of fun....and most of his cousins and family members will be there with him! 

I'll be in touch soon with some pictures and updates from Disney World! 

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