Friday, November 8, 2013

Radiation Day 1

Daniel had a fun week so far. On Tuesday, Daniel's uncle John took him and his brother to the Foxboro Police/Fire station for a day of touch a truck, only it was just for them. Guess that's a perk of having and uncle that is on the police department. They got to sit on the motorcycle's, turn on all the lights and sirens and even got a ride around town in a fire truck. I'd say it was a pretty exciting day for the boys. Yesterday, we had an appointment with the team doctors at Dana Farber. It was our first day at Dana Farber's Yawkey Center. It took all of my strength to hold in the tears in my eyes seeing my baby sister walk up to the counter to check her baby in. I know how felt inside, sick to my stomach and dizzy. I can't imagine the feeling in her body. No one should ever have to do go through this! Her strength and courage amazes me every day! Daniel was afraid of the unknown. He knew he had to have blood drawn and is afraid of needles, like any 5 year old. Once they showed him how his port worked he was fine. No more painful needs for him. He enjoyed the video games, which kept him busy during the appointment. We talked with the doctors and made a plan to start Chemo in two weeks and to visit with them again next week after Radiation.
Today is the big day..First day of Radiation! He heads in Dana Farber this morning. It is killing me I cannot be there with them today, but I will be home with the girls taking care of Matthew. I will do anything I can do to help ease her stress.
Let's go laser beam and kill this tumor!!!

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