Saturday, November 9, 2013

Two down - Let the WEEKEND begin!

Daniel was a warrior this week. He completed two radiation treatments and started to fall into a routine. On Thursday, he was less apprehensive about the needle because he knew he wouldn't feel it. He was cranky and hungry, but walked into the room with a few tears. The late morning appointments are tough since he cannot eat after midnight, but that will change next week. Carley greeted the nurse in the hallway after he completed his first treatment. Some kids wake up happy from anesthesia, others wake up tired....Let's just say the nurse asked Carley if she could talk to him about using his words and not his fists when he wakes:) Poor little guy.I got to spend time with Daniel after his treatment. Let me tell you, he had his energy and laughter back. He was jumping around, playing games with Mae, Abby and Matthew and laughing at a show on the computer. His laughter is contagious!He fell asleep around 7PM but woke up sick at some point in the night. Carley gave him some anti-nausea medicine to make him feel better.Friday, was much easier. He was ready to go in, his appointment was a little later and much shorter. When they arrived at the hospital, the life coach greeted them. She promised Daniel an Ipad to play with, which she brought in from home. The Ipad helped distract him while Daniel waited to be called. He got up, walked into the room and asked Carley to hold him while he fell asleep. Carley was standing next to him when he woke up, he ate some food and off they went home.

A few people are asking "How can we help?"  or "Can we send a card or gift"
We have set up a PO Box for Daniel.  Please feel free to send here:
Daniel Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035

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